Breakfast at Australia Dairy Company in Hong Kong

We had our first proper breakfast at Australia Dairy Company and let me tell you that this has got to be the most chaotic place I've ever dined at - in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad, but I guess it was just pure culture shock for us. We arrived at 11-ish in the morning, Read more [...]

Brunch at Caffe Habitu @ The One, Hong Kong

It was our first morning in Hong Kong. After leaving our luggage bags with the hotel concierge, we took a walk around our "neighbourhood" while waiting for our room to be ready. We walked all the way to The One, and we were starved for food by then. After a super early morning four hour long flight, Read more [...]

Staying at Seastone Villas Phuket

As a belated celebration for our 10th anniversary together, we decided to have a quiet getaway in Phuket - where we left our hearts behind two years ago. And we chose a lovely accommodation for our very special weekend: Seastone Villas. We arrived too early (as usual) and as expected our villa Read more [...]

Brunch at Old School Delights

Old School Delights is an eatery along Upper Thomson Road which takes you right back to your primary school days. It has been around for quite a few years but because I'm such a slowpoke sometimes (it's in my neighbourhood, for goodness sake!), we've just tried it a couple of weeks back. It Read more [...]

Desserts at St Marc Cafe @ Vivocity

While on a double date last weekend, we decided to have our after-dinner dessert at St Marc Cafe at Vivocity. St Marc Cafe is originally based in Japan, and is actually one of the leading cafes there. So this was something already very interesting to start with for a first-time customer like the Read more [...]

5 Quick Travel Tips: Krabi

Doing up this post because I've had several people asking me on what to do in Krabi. So here's my take on a to-do list, based on my 5 days there. To keep it short and sweet, keeping it to 5 really quick points: 1) Night Market If you're in Krabi over the weekend, you're in luck. Head down to Krabi Read more [...]

Turquoise and Purple Wedding Bouquet

It's funny how certain colours that you might not even think of grouping together can turn out pretty well and make up such a vibrant combination. Check out this bouquet: a mix of turquoise and purple roses with sprinkles of pink rosebuds: Of course a lovely bouquet like this has to be accompanied Read more [...]

Staying at Novotel Bangkok Platinum

For my recent trip to Bangkok, we decided to shack up at Novotel Bangkok Platinum because we've heard good things about it from friends. Also, because it is just above Platinum Mall, it is really so convenient when your sole agenda is to shop. Getting there If you're not into taking cabs from the Read more [...]

10 Years and Counting

Today FP and I celebrated our 10th year together. 10 years, who would have thought? 10 years ago, at this time, I'd just gotten my A level results, still unsure of what to do with my life. I was sorely disappointed into not getting into "the coveted University" and was wondering if I should pursue Read more [...]

Bangkok Trip 2013: 5 Bite-Sized Snippets

Just came back from my third Bangkok trip (in two years) and would just like to share snippets of the trip. This is something new for me as I typically blog about a specific topic at any one time, so here goes! 1) Red Head Alert For the first time ever, I 'got my hair did' while travelling. I get Read more [...]

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